Welcome to Undeniables Online!

I'm Charlotte! It's great to meet you!

Undeniables Online has been created with you, a passionate, but busy bellydance student or teacher, in mind.

With a totally unique mix of full-length classes, super short drills, indispensable lectures on key elements such as rhythms and dance styles, a fabulous community AND personal mentoring, this might just be the answer to your bellydance dreams!

Feel free to dive straight in and explore the site. If you’re logged in as a member you’ll be able to see everything. If you’re here as a visitor you’ll just be able to access certain sections and view a few of the videos. 

         What you get

  • Expert, inspirational teaching from one of the UK’s most experienced bellydance teachers
  • Intermediate and advanced level classes in traditional bellydance
  • Full length classes plus an extract video of the combination, routine or key moves (for when you don’t have an hour to spare)
  • Ingeniously quick drills for when you just have five minutes!
  • Careful breakdowns of all your essential bellydance moves
  • Bonus classes on  subjects such as creative veil techniques, baladi, Arabic rhythms and instruments and styles of dance.
  • A dedicated Facebook group, building a passionate and growing community of Undeniable bellydancers!
  • Weekly zoom classes 

Watch this video to find out all about it

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All your intermediate level classes can be accessed by clicking on the image above

All your advanced level classes can be accessed by clicking on the image above

Special courses including veil, baladi, sha’abi, Turkish bellydance, choreographic skills, rhythms and jazz-bellydance!

All the essential bellydance moves broken down and taught carefully and thoroughly.

Ingeniously quick drills, for when you just have five minutes to pep up your technique!

Five powerful videos giving you the most valuable information I know for dancers