Choreographic Skills


In this, our first choreography lesson I talk about possibly the most important stage, but one that is often overlooked. Preparation!

Entrances and openings

In our second lesson we look at entrances, opening poses and putting together your first minute of choreography.

Creating variety and interest

In this final lesson we look at how to make our choreographies varied and interesting to keep our audience engaged.

There’s lots of useful information that relates to creating choreographies in the rhythms course: 

Click here to access a really useful lesson on how to create combinations to one of the most popular rhythms – the maqsoum.

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Special courses including veil, baladi, sha’abi, Turkish bellydance, choreographic skills, rhythms and jazz-bellydance!

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Ingeniously quick drills, for when you just have five minutes to pep up your technique!

Five powerful videos giving you the most valuable information I know for dancers

5 thoughts on “Choreographic Skills”

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    Useful tips, thanks! When we create a choreography – is it a must that we set out the sequence by count or is it possible to do that according to the melody of the music? Thanks.

    1. Hi Michelle! I’m so sorry, I haven’t been getting notification of comments recently so I didn’t see this!

      You can indeed do it by the melody of the music, but the only danger with that is that you might miss the most important count, which is the one – the first count in a phrase. So ideally you would want to check the counts as well

  2. Great tips, thank you, Charlotte. I’ve watched a few clips of dancers starting on stage on the floor. Any tips for if this is something you want to do for a particular piece of music?

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