Baladi progression

Explanation of baladi


First me atta and slow maqsoum

Performance of first section

More sections coming in the next few weeks!

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2 thoughts on “Baladi”

  1. That was brilliant thank you so much, as ive said my Baladi knowledge was severely lacking, and to be good at Baladi is my dancing ambition. No one has explained that the drummer shows whats coming up next, no one has ever mentioned anything about the drum except to say use it as a question and answer section, the arms ive had no tuition on apart from my teacher telling the class to put the back of one hand on top of your head ,the other one stuck out to the side and use that pose for basically everything , entrance, walking, posing etc. Baladi has always felt forced, half hearted and sometimes a feeling of downright embarrassment while stood in class being left to figure it out by yourself or watching the person next to you for inspiration.
    With just sitting listening to your explanation i felt i understood about listening to the cues from the drummer, and the actual lesson on the taxim i actually felt that i “got it ” at last, ive now got confidence to get stuck in with out feeling silly or embarrassed.

    1. Oh Glennis, I’m so glad it was helpful!! I love baladi and I can’t wait to see you dancing it. I’ll be putting up the next lesson when I get back from Cairo xx

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