My number one secret for improving your bellydance arms

Way back in 1976 I took an honours degree in Dance and Education. It was an unforgettable experience – spending every day in a glorious dance studio looking out over landscaped gardens. 

Improving my dance technique, learning how to choreograph, how to analyse movement… and of course how to teach!

One of the most powerful lessons I learned was about something called the Kinesphere. It’s a concept that was created by Rudolf Laban – one of the pioneers of modern dance – and it’s absolutely brilliant.

It’s simple, it’s beautiful and it will transform your dancing!! 

I explain the concept and how to use it in this short video, so take a look, try it out and prepare to be amazed at how easy it is to have beautiful, graceful arms.

And if you’re a teacher, please feel free to teach this concept to your own students – I always love to share my knowledge and the more we all share, the more we all improve and everyone wins!

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