We do a slightly more challenging warm up from now on – using lots of core bellydance moves to get us going and practise them through. 

Then I teach Egyptian Walks and we learn the first half of a cute drum solo!

Watch the videos below if you just want the drum solo. 

Drum solo only

Teaching first half

Run through

9 thoughts on “Fifth Intermediate Lesson”

  1. I really enjoyed this lesson the 1st time ive managed to do the whole hour in one go xxx

  2. Hi Charlotte, as I am studying the rhythms, just to challenge myself I am trying to identify them before I start dancing.The one starting at min 28 with the egyptian walk is a Masmoudi maqsum (egyptian baladi)? Many thanks

    1. Hi Annarita that’s such a good idea! In fact the rhythm is a normal Maqsum but it’s very easy to mistake it for a Masmoudi Saghir (or beledi as the Americans call it)

  3. Hi Charlotte,
    I really enjoyed this class. One thing I really struggle with is the side hip drop and double up/down whilst travelling to the side. Maybe because I wasn’t taught this properly or at all, I find when I do the side hip drop even single, rather than using the bum cheek muscle, I find my hip does an aggressive kick to one side which if done many in a row, it hurts the hip and knee, clearly wrong. Could you break it down in one of the classes or drill video (like you did for the Egyptian walk here), that would be so great. Thank you xxx

    1. Hi Dina, yes I’ll definitely do that for you. Can you remind me when you’re next in class so I can check which moves you mean exactly and have a quick look at what’s happening. Then I can break it down for you xx

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