Our opening class includes a warm up with body conditioning, advanced shimmy and maya drills, a travelling combination with layering and a 32 count baladi-style combination. It finishes with a standing stretch.

I break down the technique for some of the drills a little more than I will do in later classes – as time goes on I’ll be going straight into them.

Watch the video below if you just want the combination.

Combination only

Explanation and teaching

Run through only

2 thoughts on “First Advanced Lesson”

  1. Hi Charlotte. I’ve finally found time to look at the first lesson & really enjoyed it. Can you recommend any tracks suitable for the drills. As a long term teacher it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same old music. Many thanks Love Jan

    1. Hi Jan, I’m so glad you enjoyed the lesson. The very best place for drills music is Suhaila Salimpour’s site. She has amazing tracks that she calls loops – they’re long repetitive tracks feauturing drums, or classics or fusion style music. You can buy them from her site. Follow this link and you’ll find a dropdown list which has several of her loops: https://www.salimpourstore.com/collections/music-qne-video/products/ala-nar-percussion-music-loops-downloads

      I also use several tracks from this album: https://www.salimpourstore.com/collections/music-qne-video/products/shake-album

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