In this first lesson I teach you good technique for ribcage isolations, head slides, walking circles, kenyas and travelling hip drops. And we also do a shimmy drill.

Then I teach a 32 count combination comprising walking circles, kenyas, hip drops, smooth arms and a three step turn. A 32 count combination is a really useful thing – it can be danced to almost any piece of music as I demonstrate in the lesson.

Watch the video below if you just want the combination.

Combination only

Explanation and teaching

Run through

9 thoughts on “First Intermediate Lesson”

  1. Hi Charlotte!! I cannot get any of the videos to play. What am I doing wrong?? I press the play button and it just buffers. Love Neris xx

    1. Charlotte Desorgher

      Hi Neris. I’m so sorry. I wonder whether the internet is slow this evening (last day of the holiday) My internet has been so slow this week. If it’s still the same tomorrow let me know and I’ll send you a direct link to the Vimeo. In fact I’ll try to do that now if I can (I’m on a train right now so I might not be able to access it)

  2. Back from Australia and just about over the jet lag. A lot of catching up to do as I barely did anything in January and absolutely nothing in February. I’ve just completed this first video and ready for the next combo! Thank you x

  3. Janice Brewster

    Really enjoyed my first Intermediate lesson! It was good to practice isolations and check technique. Loved the different movements & putting the combinations together ! Look forward to lesson 2 xx

  4. Really enjoyed this class. Was really good working on hip drop technique (as I have had an ongoing knee injury for some time now and have somewhat developed a weakness with this move). Beautiful combination, really enjoyed learning it. Thankyou Charlotte for such a good class, with clear, precise instruction and lovely music too!

  5. Hi Charlotte, the link doesn’t seem to be working for Lesson Two x I have tried clicking on it but it keeps saying this message : This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. I think there is a spelling error in the link as the web address bar says x

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