In our fourth advanced class we do a new maya exercise, explore different figure of eights and then learn another 32 count combination to Ana Bastanak. We then put this combination together with the previous one to build up a good long section of choreography to this beautiful piece of music.

Music: Ana Bastanak by Tony Mouzayek (Bellydance Orient Vol 57)

Watch the video below if you just want the combination.

Combination only

Explanation and teaching

Run through only

3 thoughts on “Fourth Advanced Lesson”

  1. Hi Charlotte. When you’re teaching a new hip drill, is it possible for you to move closer to the camera so that we see just yourr hips. It isn’t always easy to understand what you’re doing. Thanks.

    1. Good point Stephanie! I’ll do that, or I could zoom the camera in closer…And looking at the maya drill, it would probably have been helpful for me to do it facing you, rather than into the mirror…

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