Improvisation with Katerina Shereen

In these sessions we first learn Katerina's core principles for improvisations (core principles that apply to every dance you work on - whether choreographed or improvised). We then go on to practise them to three types of dance that are typically improvised - baladi progression, a well known song (which can also be choreographed to) and great classics such as Om Khalthoum songs.

Warm up/stretch

Introduction and poses

Counting and stepping

Baladi - morning session

Afternoon session

Watch Katerina's performances as the afternoon goes on and see how she gradually adds more detail (more bellydance 'moves') whilst still keeping her feet clean and strong. She's always in control, even when she misses a beat.

And make sure you watch her live performance on stage!!

Baladi afternoon session

Batwanes Beek

Hob Eih (Om Khalthoum)

Performance of Hob Eih by Katerina

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