Day one

Christine Yaven - Exploring Taxim

Julia Farid - Golden Era dance

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David and Charlotte - pain relief and prevention

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Matthew Hughes - video like a pro

Kim Maria - Afro-Caribbean dance

Madam Valu - Costuming

Silvia Salamanca - All about layers

Zara Abdelrahman - Mahagranat

Aziza - veil

Tara Lee Oakley - Shesensu

Panel discussion

Day two

Julia Farid - oriental song

Zara Abdelrahman - makeup secrets

Naama Gelber - stretch and strengthen for bellydance

Chris Taylor - grow your Instagram

Aziza - frame and flow

Naama Gelber - Bellyboogie

Silvia Salamanca - fire and passion

Gala show!

First set

Second set