Intermediate classes

You can access all the main intermediate lessons from here. On each individual lesson page you’ll also find a short video featuring only the combination or routine, for when you don’t have much time, or don’t want to do the full class.

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Lesson one

Enjoy this opening class, which includes warm up, a shimmy drill,  technique for rib cage isolations, travelling hip drops, walking circles and kenyas, plus a lovely smooth combination. We finish with a short standing stretch.

Lesson two

Our second class features a moving shimmy drill, mayas and good camel technique. It concludes by adding some new sections to our combination from last week to create a short routine to Bamoot Feeki by Hossam Ramzy. 

Lesson three

Our third class includes some new hip drops, a tricky little layering drill, introduction to the jewel and a brand new combination. 

Lesson four

We put all our combinations together to create a full routine today. I also teach a new variation on the double hip drop and a lovely smooth combination with camels. 

Lesson five

We do a slightly more challenging warm up this time – using lots of core bellydance moves to get us going and practise them through. Then I teach Egyptian Walks and we learn the first half of a cute drum solo!

Lesson six

Enjoy a shimmy drill, a maya drill and a new challenge for your Egyptian walks in today’s lesson. Then it’s on to the second half of the drum solo and we finish by dancing it right the way through!

Lesson seven

In this lesson we move on to a delicious new stage with the beginning of a full choreography to a beautiful song by 1970s Lebanese superstar Fairuz.  We also learn some new travelling moves and there’s a bonus lesson for your arms!

Lesson eight

We move on to learning the next section of our new Fairuz choreography in this lesson. But before that we do some shimmies, some walking circles and some arms to another beautiful Fairuz track.

Lesson Nine

In this lesson we learn the final part of our choreography to the beautiful song Fayek Walla Nassi by Fairuz.

Lesson Ten

In this lesson we concentrate on getting our Fairuz choreography ready for performance. Not only polishing the technique, but I also give some advice on good performance habits, overcoming anxiety and connecting with your audience.

Lesson Eleven

In this lesson we learn and drill through some variations to the Egyptian Walk and then look at a couple of new moves. We then put them all together into a funky pop combination

Lesson Twelve

In this lesson we learn a combination to the maqsoum rhythm. We also look at how to do shimmies on one leg, the hagalla step and a half turn step.

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