Mahraganat with Zara

Introduction and history of sha'abi and Mahraganat

Sha’abi, and later Mahraganat is truly the music of the Egyptian people. In this fascinating talk, Zara introduces us to the working class culture and music of Cairo. She traces the history of Sha’abi and Mahraganat and explains how these massively popular styles express the struggles of the Egyptian youth and have gone on to global internet success.

First dance lesson

In this, our first dance lesson Zara teaches us one of the basic steps of Mahraganat, then develops it to create that truly authentic youthful Cairo feel. And her great choice of music takes us from the 1960’s right through to the present day.

Second dance lesson

More great music, more fun moves in our second Mahraganat dance lesson with Zara!

More lessons coming soon!

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    1. It’ such fun isn’t it! Zara’s workshop at the festival is going to be even better – she has a live singer with her!

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