Learn flow, connection and performance skills through the lovely classic song, Miserlou

Warm up

Each lesson is a section of the choreography and doesn’t have a warm up. Do this warm up before any of the lessons.

Don't dance busy, dance beautifully!

I hadn’t originally expected this to become a full choreography, but the dance was so popular that’s what happened. This is the initial lesson, where I taught what became the first section of the full dance.

Flow, transitions and musical interpretation

Creating flow through beautiful transitions, plus interpreting the kanoun. 

Middle section with some new moves!

Final section of dance

Our final part of the dance includes a big shimmy section and some floor work for those who want to try it out! There’s an alternative for those who would rather stay standing.

Performance skills (zoom lesson)

In this final lesson I go into depth about mindset, techniques and concepts to create beautiful performance. And we use Miserlou as our dance to practise those skills.

Full run through

6 thoughts on “Miserlou”

    1. Thanks Janice! I’m really looking forward to going on with this dance now that we’ve picked it up again xx

  1. So beautiful thank you Charlotte ,I will look forward to sharing this dance with an audience one day

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