Today we move on to a delicious new stage with the beginning of a full choreography to a beautiful song by 1970s Lebanese superstar Fairuz.  Over the next few lessons we’ll be learning the full choreography and then preparing it for performance. 

We also learn some new travelling moves and there’s a bonus lesson below for your arms!

You’ll find the teaching and practice for the choreography below as well. 

Arms refresher

Choreography only

Teaching the first section of choreography

Run through

8 thoughts on “Seventh Intermediate Lesson”

  1. I really enjoyed learning this choreography and look forward to the next part. Feels so lovely to dance it.
    Could you as part of one of the classes give me some hints on how to make the feet look pretty when dancing.
    I am knock kneed and my toes can turn in because of this so l really have to concentrate on trying to point my toes out… any ideas please Charlotte.

    1. Hi Pauline, it’s hard to correct feet turning in if you’re naturally knock-kneed. I don’t know if you watch Strictly Come Dancing, but it’s one of the things that people find almost impossible to correct. It’s mainly a case of trying your hardest to remember to turn the feet out a tiny bit. Don’t try to turn out too much, and turn out from the hip, not the knees.

      I’ll try to give you some tips in the next lesson xx

  2. Hi Charlotte
    Will you be continuing this choreography so if we have been learning it we can dance it with you at the Haffla.
    I just love this dance. Pauline xx

    1. Hi Pauline, I’m so glad you like it! It won’t be finished in time for our hafla unfortunately, especially because I want to work on the performance aspect of it, and not just the choreography. But maybe you can perform it as a solo in the next hafa!!

  3. Linda Phillips

    your right about the music Charlotte it’s much better on here and such a hauntingly beautiful voice

  4. Gosh I love this, the music and the choreography are both so feminine. Love the arms
    Can you please clarify what you called the turn at 30.19?
    Also could I have the title of the music please
    With thanks
    Shirley x

    1. Hi Shirley, I’m so glad you like it! The turn is called a soutenu and the music is Fayek Walla Nassi by Fairuz. It’s from her album ‘Beirut’ x

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