Veil course

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Lesson one

Introduction to veil work. I explain which type of veil is best, how to care for your veil and how to hold it. I then give you a warm up for your shoulders and arms and teach some of my favourite moves including sunrise, sunset and two different spins.

This lesson concentrates on moves which begin with the veil in front, including the rainbow, rainbow to Roman Cape (arm to shoulder) waggon wheel, aeroplane turn and Sharita (all these crazy names!)

Lesson three

Our new moves today include one of my favourites – the scoop and pivot. We also do a burrito and two different turns. We then add them all to the combination we learned last week.

Lesson four

This lesson teaches two rather more challenging moves – painting the sky and the windmill turn. It also teaches you how to let go of the veil and then smoothly take hold of it again. 

Lesson five

Now that we’ve learned how to lose hold of the veil and then take it back, this lesson teaches three dramatic moves using the concept. 

Lesson six

We’re tossing or juggling the veil in this lesson – at the front, the back and into a barrel turn.