Come with me on a journey towards being Undeniable!

If you are an intermediate or advanced belly dance student, a semi-professional dancer, or a teacher, I can help you become the dancer you’ve always wanted to be!

What does it mean to be Undeniable?

Loving yourself and your dancing, whatever stage you are at in your journey

Feeling proud and secure when you dance, knowing your body and your brain have been trained well

Knowing you are exactly where you should be right now – at this age, with this body, with this level of ability

Watching your videos back and feeling real satisfaction at how you are improving

How can Undeniables Online help you get to where you want to be?

Undeniables Online has been created with you, a passionate, but busy bellydance student or teacher in mind. You love to bellydance but know that you are not the dancer you really want to be.

You may suffer from a lack of confidence and believe you’re never quite good enough. You might look at the dancers you admire and wonder why your dancing doesn’t look like that. You know something is missing, but you just don’t know how to put it right!

Maybe you don’t have any teachers in your area who can take you to the next level, or there might be gaps in your knowledge or your technique that you don’t know how to fill.

Don’t worry, whatever your age or your ability, with my careful, patient teaching and the fantastic resource that is Undeniables Online, you really can become a better, more confident dancer – wherever you are on your journey right now, and wherever you want to go.

All these fantastic resources are available to you as a member of Undeniables Onine

If you love live classes, I teach five regular zoom classes every week at intermediate and advanced level, with loads of opportunities for you to ask questions and get feedback. And if you can’t make them live, don’t worry – they’re posted up on our Facebook group so you can watch them anytime on catch up.

Whether you want a full-length class, a quick refresher, a useful drill or a specialist course, there’s top quality teaching for you to access at any time of the day or night, as many times as you want. The site is a breeze to navigate and there are new lessons and courses arriving all the time. 

And for inspiration and personal development, we have regular haflas and performance opportunities, interviews with inspirational people, classes and courses with other specialists and bags of inspirational guidance in our regular online and access-anytime classes!

Community is the beating heart of the bellydance experience and we have a brilliant Facebook community where we chat, share bellydance resources and information and  make friends. It really does feel like a family!

Join our growing family of dancers who are learning what it means to be Undeniable!

I just love Charlotte's warmth & enthusiasm & the style in which she teaches! Always encouraging, inspiring & generous with her knowledge. I love the support & friendliness of all the other ladies in Undeniables & feel proud to be part of such a fab group! The website is really easy to use & the way the run throughs only are shown is super useful. I love the mix too of live classes or pre recorded!
Sam Page
Being a member of the Undeniables has so many positives. It motivates me to take live classes and Charlotte is always so giving with her knowledge. I feel inspired to dance! It opens my eyes to different music and styles that I may have shied away from before. It has definitely improved my core strength with the body conditioning but also the lines in my arms when dancing. It has kept my dance "mojo" alive and has resulted in some lovely friendships
Emma (Amira)
What does membership of Undeniables Online give me? Motivation and inspiration! Detailed technical breakdowns and nuance - I feel like I learn something new each lesson. Flexibility in my dance schedule by being able to join live or watch recordings, which I think overall helps me dance more. Fun and joy - the vibe is always welcoming, lighthearted and kind, balanced against challenge and hard work.
Gigi Zena Walshe
Since joining the Undeniables I have been made welcome into group by all the lovely ladies. The support and encouragement from Charlotte in live classes without a doubt has helped boost my confidence. Having the class recordings to dip in & out of is just the best and works well for me. I have loved the care & share teaching attitude that Charlotte offers, loving the tips, combinations loving the exposure to new dancers who have also played a part in my development, all this and more within group is wonderful and I am grateful to be part of the Undeniables.
Carol Copson

Membership costs just £19.99 a month (or $24.99US) for absolutely everything, and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. Try it out first with a two week trial of everything for just £1/$1

Inspiring you to be the best dancer you can be!

Teaching and inspiring the next generation of dancers has been my passion for many years now. It’s what motivates me more than anything else I do.

That’s why I thought so carefully about the structure of Undeniables Online. I wanted to keep members motivated and engaged, to give them a logical progression through all the courses, and help them grow and improve whatever their age, ability or reason for dancing.

I’m seeing wonderful results amongst the members and it’s so satisfying seeing dancers improve in technique, ability and confidence.

Inspiration is at the heart of the Undeniables Online programme. I regularly interview amazing, inspirational people from around the world – from bellydance and beyond. 

In our Facebook group we share music, videos, inspirational posts and loads of bellydance resources and ideas. And I regularly ask what members what they want me to teach, so I know I’m giving you what you need.

And you get massive members-only discounts on my inspirational online bellydance festival, INSPIRE!

Why I am uniquely qualified to teach and guide you on your journey

A lifetime in dance

I’m Charlotte Desorgher, and I’ve been a dancer for almost 60 years, a bellydancer for 40 years and a full-time belly dance teacher for 20 years! I graduated with an honours degree in dance and education from the University of London Institute of Education and I’ve been learning and teaching bellydance since 1981.

There are very few people in the world with the training, the experience and the breadth of knowledge that I bring to my teaching and I’ve taught and inspired literally thousands of women to bellydance!

In recent years I’ve focussed all my work on raising the standard of bellydancing in the UK and have taught and mentored some of the best loved dancers and teachers in the country, who have blossomed under my mentorship and are now gaining international recognition.

But my own story has not been without its struggles

As I got older, I was increasingly troubled by knee pain and ultimately became so crippled with arthritis in my knees I had to use a stick and couldn’t walk more than 100 yards. I continued teaching despite the pain, but performing was impossible.

Then, in 2019 I had two total knee replacements (yes I have metal knees!) And after two years of hard work, at the ripe age of 63 I’m back to performing and can now do moves I haven’t been able to do since I was in my twenties!

So I understand the challenges that so many of us have in dance. I have been a young, fit dancer with my career ahead of me, and I’m now an older mature dancer with deeper insights. I’ve lived a life in dance and I have a special understanding and empathy towards my students, wherever they are on their journey.

Monthly membership of Undeniables Online costs just £19.99 ($24.99US) for absolutely everything
and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

A real community to join in with as much, or as little as you prefer

Community means so much to us bellydancers, and we have a fantastic international membership of dancers, some of whom join in enthusiastically with the chat in our private Facebook group, some who prefer to remain quiet.

It’s the same in our online classes… some members embrace the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from me; others prefer to keep their video and sound off, so they can follow the class in complete privacy.

We have regular online haflas which are wonderful interactive affairs, where any member can perform, or sit and watch. They’re a wonderful opportunity to do your first bellydance performance or try out a new solo, and they’re really professionally managed too – many of our members say they’re the best online haflas they’ve been to.

What makes Undeniables Online different from other online bellydance classes?

There’s a bewildering array of online classes and courses out there right now and I know many dancers are feeling overwhelmed. So what makes Undeniables Online so special?

Most online classes were started as a reaction to the situation teachers suddenly found themselves in last year – they couldn’t teach in person and had to shift their classes online. So their classes weren’t developed specifically with online learning in mind.


Undeniables Online was developed and launched way before the pandemic hit. I created it not out of necessity, but because I knew that I could deliver something really special for bellydancers.

So it’s much, much more than an online bellydance class. It’s a carefully crafted bellydance learning experience, aimed at helping you grow and develop as a dancer, in your own time and in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Any questions?

Does the two week taster give me access to everything?

Absolutely! As soon as you sign up, you’ll get a login and password for the main site, which gives you constant access to all the pre-recorded classes, courses, shows and interviews.

Then we’ll send you the zoom links to the weekly live classes and a link to our private Facebook group. You’re welcome to join in as much as you like and we’ll love having you with us.

What happens after the two weeks are up?

If you want to stay with us you don’t have to do anything – you’ll automatically be transferred to our monthly membership at £19.99 a month. Once you’re a full member you can cancel at any time with no questions asked.

If you don’t want to stay, you just need to email us (you’ll have our email address) any time before the two weeks is up to let us know. We won’t be offended!

And remember, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.